More To Life Health (PTY) Ltd t/a Gluki Organics SA

Unit 4
Bryliall Park, D819
Kwazulu Natal
South Africa

Marinda on +27 (0)31 766 0084

About our Store

The Store is LIVE. The Currency is South African Rand. We accept 3 payment options:

1 - Direct EFT (Goods will be shipped on proof of payment)
2 - Instant EFT (Via PayFast, you can instantly pay through EFT. Good are shipped immediately); and
3 - Credit Cards are now accepted (Visa and MasterCard)

All items are live, and in stock. If an item is not visible in the store it means we are out of stock. Please check back regularly.

GLÜKi Organics is an uncompromising, high quality plant-based product range that meets a loving mother’s needs for her baby. We have immense pride in the therapeutic value of each ingredient in our products.


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