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For over 20 years ECOCERT Greenlife® have been the global leaders in the independent certification of natural and organic products. After hands-on inspection of the growing, harvesting and production of each raw material and the manufacturing facility, laboratory and distributor, ECOCERT Greenlife® issues a certificate of compliance and a license for the approved products, formulations, packaging and labelling to their strict standards.

ECOCERT Greenlife® contributed to the expansion of organic farming in the 1990’s by helping to draw up French and European regulations. Still very involved in promoting organic farming, ECOCERT Greenlife® works with French and international institutions in supporting project development. By winning the confidence of professionals and consumers, ECOCERT Greenlife® has become a benchmark in organic certification worldwide.

Recognised around the world, ECOCERT Greenlife® inspects and certifies all ingredients (local and imported) with the following criteria:

  • Soil conditions, fertilisers and insecticides
  • Growing and harvesting protocols
  • Certifying the processing and extraction of the active ingredients
  • Formulations, INCI codes audit inspection and certificates of approval
  • Manufacturing laboratory certification and license

ECOCERT Greenlife’s® team: a common conviction
Auditors, farming inspectors, laboratory inspectors, factory inspectors, certification officers, account managers, department heads and administrative staff – the ECOCERT Greenlife® employees, from very different backgrounds, share the same vision. Over and above their technical skills, it is their common desire to work towards preserving the environment and upholding organic product efficacy that gives ECOCERT Greenlife® strength and legitimacy.
Packaging and labelling certification
Inspection and licensing of the distributor


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