Have a Pet? Don’t Miss This Important Childproofing Step

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Have a Pet? Don’t Miss This Important Childproofing Step

t’s easy to treat our furry and feathered friends like family, but it’s important to create some boundaries, especially when it comes to where you’re stashing their meds. While you might not realize it, those pills you’re giving Fido for his fleas, ticks or heartworm could pose some serious risks for young children in the home. Pet medication mix-ups happen more often than you’d think.


The best way to prevent anyone from mistaking pet medication for human medication is to store it separately, perhaps with your pet’s other products, like his food, treats or grooming gear. Researchers also recommend taking the following actions to keep little ones safe.

  • Store pet meds out of sight. In addition to keeping medications for pets out of the bathroom cabinets, find a place that’s too high for your child to reach or, better yet, that you can lock for added safety.
  • Keep pet meds in original containers. Especially if Fido’s meds are recurring, it might be tempting to store them in a separate container that lacks labeling. But this can add to the confusion and cause someone in your home to mistake the medications for human ones.
  • Monitor your pet when administering meds. Oftentimes vets will recommend mixing your pet’s medication into his food so he’s more likely to eat it. When doing so, make sure your child is away from the area and that your pet has finished the entire bowl so there’s no residue that little hands can grab.
  • Allow pet fur time to dry. If your pet takes medication that you need to apply to his skin or fur, try doing so when your child’s not present so the medication has time to dry before the two play.
  • Have the Poison Help Line handy. Post the national Poison Help Line number, to your fridge, or add it to your phone or a nearby notebook so you can call immediately should you think your child has swallowed pet medication.

Article By: Jenn Sinrich

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